2018 Club Membership Renewals ONLY-

Your renewal is due by December 31, 2017 for calendar year 2018.
Club membership term is from January 1st to December 31st of each year.
Your ability to renew for 2018, will cease on February 1, 2018.




PayPal is used for transaction processing.

Only PayPal has access to your personal information. We only receive a notice that you have paid (including your mailing address and email address). Confirmation of your payment is your PayPal email. Club membership cards will be mailed after payment is received, starting mid-December.

VERY IMPORTANT TO ALL:  Unlike previous years, we now have a closed membership and ONLY CURRENT MEMBERS MAY RENEW THEIR CLUB MEMBERSHIP. If you fail to renew your club membership on time, another person will be given the opportunity to join our club. Those wishing to become club members (for the first time or after a lapse in membership) should go to the 'New Membership' link for current membership details.

Active-duty military, law enforcement and first responders: NRA Life of Duty membership satisfies our NRA membership requirement.
Recently joined NRA on your own:  If you have not yet received an NRA membership number & expiration date from NRA, just forward your NRA email confirmation to Secretary@AgawamRevolverClub.com. Please DO NOT WAIT to renew your club membership.

$100.00 Annual Renewal

To use the '$100.00 Annual Renewal' below, your NRA membership MUST be one that was PURCHASED ON YOUR OWN, NOT by the club on your behalf.
Attempting to renew your club membership as an NRA member, if the club purchased an NRA Associate membership for you during the last renewal cycle or new membership processing, will only delay the renewal process and cause extra effort for you and your club Secretary. Please either purchase your own NRA membership or have us purchase an NRA membership on your behalf again this year. If the club purchased an NRA membership on your behalf last year, it makes no difference how far your NRA expiration date is into the future. If you joined NRA on your own in the last year, please notify the Secretary.
Your NRA Membership # and NRA Expiration date MAY be required. See your renewal letter or email for details of your situation.

Please DO NOT enter your NRA # or NRA expiration date unless they were requested in your renewal email or letter (or there is a special situation).

Only if they are required, please enter them together in the same input box, BEFORE clicking the 'Pay Now' button:
 (nnnnnnnnn mm/dd/yyyy or nnnnnnnnn life, for example)
By clicking on the box below, to pay my renewal, I agree to abide by the bylaws of the Corporation and all range rules as posted on our web site and at our club facility.
Pay with a credit card, debit card or PayPal using the button below:

Existing Club Members who previously requested your club to purchase NRA membership on their behalf, but now WANT TO JOIN NRA as a Regular or LIFE Member:

We encourage you to join NRA on your own. NRA membership includes hunter's accident and firearms theft insurance, discounts, and increased representation by the NRA. By joining NRA as a Regular or LIFE member you will receive all the benefits of NRA membership including your choice of publication from the NRA and NRA voting privileges.

If you are a member of the military, law enforcement or a first responder, see if you qualify for NRA Life of Duty membership . Life of Duty membership satisfies your club requirements for NRA membership.

Click here to join NRA or renew your NRA membership for only $30. (This is a $10 discount from the regular NRA price.) In addition, your club does not accept the recruiter commission of $10 for a new membership or $5 for a renewal membership to the NRA. This results in an additional donation to the NRA.

You do NOT have to be a club member or prospective club member to take advantage of this special offer.

Discounts are also available on 3 year, 5 year and Life NRA memberships at the link shown above.

After you have joined NRA, forward your NRA email confirmation to the club SecretarySecretary@AgawamRevolverClub.comand use the 'Existing Club Members who are NRA Members' link above to renew your club membership. Please send your NRA member number & expiration date when you receive them from NRA. (about 4-6 weeks after payment) DO NOT wait for your NRA number and NRA expiration date to renew your club membership.
Thank you.

$115.00 Annual Renewal (includes NRA Associate Membership)

Existing Club Members who want to renew their club membership and have your club purchase an NRA Associate Membership on your behalf should select this option. If you do not want to join NRA on your own, your club bylaws require that we purchase an NRA Associate membership on your behalf. You will not have NRA voting rights nor receive an NRA magazine.

By clicking on the box below, to pay my renewal, I agree to abide by the bylaws of the Corporation and all range rules as posted on our web site and at our club facility.
Pay with a credit card, debit card or PayPal using the button below

$15 Additional Payment (This is NOT a membership renewal!)
If the club Secretary has communicated to you that an additional $15 must be submitted in order to process your new member application or renewal, then click on the 'Pay Now' icon below to pay $15.

Alternative Payments Note:

The easiest and fastest for you, and the most convenient for the club, is to renew on our web site. PayPal does transaction processing for us and you may use a credit card, debit card or a PayPal account. The receipt that you recieve from PayPal looks just like what we receive. It includes only your name, address and email.

Of course, all payments may instead be made using a check mailed to our business address:

ARC, Inc.

PO Box 502

Feeding Hills, MA 01030-0502

For your own security, please make out your check to ARC, Inc.

Enter NRA # and Expiration

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