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Western MA Pistol League (WMPL)

The ARC .22 Bullseye League would like to extend a welcome to members interested in shooting in .22 competition matches. Our next season begins the week of October 19 and continues into March 2021. We meet once a week in the indoor range on Tuesday nights. Sign in starts at 5:30 and shooting starts at six o’clock. League dues are $25 for the season payable on the first night with a weekly cost of $2. Whether you are an expert or novice, have a competition pistol or a plain .22 pistol, we look forward to meeting you. Don’t forget to bring ear and eye protection even if you just want to watch. There will be a league banquet at the end of the season. If interested please contact Team Captain Laurie Benoit @ (413)537-1267

Rapid-fire Pins and Plates League

(Every OTHER Saturday during the Summer)

This league fires both rifle and pistol in .22 long rifle caliber.

The match consists of a head-to-head shoot off, where each shooter shoots matching steel target sets. The person that knocks down all of their targets first wins.
A .22 long rifle caliber rifle or hand gun is needed for the respective league. You must also have three magazines.

The match fee is $4.

Matches run on every OTHER Saturday.

Look for this competition again next Summer.

This league did not run from 2013-2015, but has started again with newly purchased steel falling-plate targets.
There is a REQUIRED SAFETY BRIEFING that precedes each match at 9:30 AM on the day of the match.

In order to participate in the match, all shooters are required to assist with set up and take down.

Just a reminder that this league is:
•       22 Long Rifle caliber ONLY
•       OPEN ONLY TO CLUB MEMBERS (which includes member's spouse and family member children age 18 to 21 ONLY)

 Northampton Revolver Club 900 Summer Series Match 25 yd.

  • Time:10:00 AM
  • Dates:May 25 / June 22 / July 20 / August 24
  • Ports: 16, may increase based on interest. Reserved participation will take priority. Walk-ins welcomed
  • Contact: Sam Lakas, email:, (413) 230-6699
  • Entry Fee: $10... $35 for the season
  • Targets:B16, B6
  • Guns:.22 caliber with 2 lb trigger minimum, iron, Dot, or scope. Competitors must furnish their own equipment and ammunition (NRA Rules 3.1 thru 3.18) and are responsible for its safekeeping.Eye and ear protection must be used at all competitors.
  • Scoring:All competitors will be required to keep score for each other (NRA Rule 10.5). Plug type scoring gauges may only be used by match officials, Range Officers, or referee.
    • NOTE:This is a non-NRA match.
  • Directions: The NRC is located at 579 Ryan Road, Northampton, MA 01062. Please see our website @ for directions.
    • Prizes will be awarded by class for the season for high average and top scores still to be determined.


New Fun League Forming: Come and give it a shot! No cost to participate.

                                                                         Pin Point Live Fire Shoot 22 cal. Long Rifle

                                                                  Next date July 21 from 12PM-3PM

  • Changing things up a bit. Using 22 cal. long rifle this match
  • 5 Targets = Bowling Pins
  • 1 Point for every target on the ground
  • 1 point for every bullet left in the magazine, start with 10 bullets
  • Time starts on the 1st shot and ends when the last target hits the ground
  • Perfect score is 10, fastest time wins
  • Participants must bring .22 cal Rifle and ammo
  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory!

 Results from first PISTOL match:

Winner- Laurie Benoit

Stats- Perfect 10 at a time of 3.97 seconds. 5 pins down and 5 rounds left in the mag. Wow, need I say anything else. Congratulations and good shooting!

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