Agawam Revolver Club, Inc.

Outages, Emergencies, Events

All Members,

In our continuing effort to maintain our facility at the highest levels:
Note that twice per week (normally each Monday and Friday, unless modified for a holiday) our club house indoor ranges and club rooms are closed briefly for professional cleaning. If you see a sign on the front door indicating that the indoor ranges are temporarily closed, please be patient.

Police Training is conducted on the center outside range, on a very intermittent basis.

GATE ISSUES 11/12/18:

We are experiencing some intermittent gate problems.

If you have problems at our gate, please email the Secretary.

Diagnosis is continuing, in order to attempt to isolate the problem, with both our access controller and gate controller contractors working on the problem in the last week. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

POSTPONED Thursday, November 1, 2018- Savage Ranges Systems will do the yearly maintenance on our trap systems. Both indoor ranges will be closed from 4 PM until our normal closing at 10 PM. 10/29/18 THIS ACTIVITY HAS NOW BEEN POSTPONED. MORE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW.

There are no other outages currently planned.

Safety is of primary importance for our members, guests and contractors.
Thank you for your continued patience.

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