Agawam Revolver Club, Inc.

Range Rules


The left indoor range hours are 8 AM to 10 PM.
The right indoor range hours are posted on the right range door.
The outdoor range hours are 8 AM to Sunset.

The Club wants you to enjoy the facilities in a safe and sane manner. Please follow these rules:


Because of club liability insurance restrictions, NO professional instruction is authorized by the club, unless specifically approved by the Board of Directors.


Eye and ear protection is required.
No full auto fire is allowed.
Rimfire rifles and handguns in handgun calibers are OK.
No steel jackets, steel core, or armor piercing bullets. (If in doubt, check the bullet with a magnet.) 
ONLY paper targets are allowed on the indoor range. No exploding targets, glass, cans, etc.
All weapons must be in a holster, gun case, or box when not on the firing line.
Keep all loaded weapons pointed downrange at all times.
All targets must be at least 25 feet downrange, without exception.
All shots must be hitting the target traps. If you are seated and sighting in your weapon, make sure the shots are not hitting the ceiling.
No drawing from a holster allowed, unless at a Club sanctioned match.
Make sure the fan is running, all doors are closed, and water is running on the traps. Do not shoot on a dry trap.
Report any problems by sending an email to .
Clean up after yourself.


Eye and ear protection is required.
Center-fire rifles are NOT allowed on the left-most range, but rimfire rifles, shotguns and pistols are allowed.
All rifles, pistols and shotguns are allowed on the center and right-most range.
For safety reasons, NO shooting above the horizontal with any type firearm is allowed on any of the ranges.
NO GLASS. If you bring targets, take them home with you after shooting.
NO exploding targets and NO tracer ammunition.
Clean up brass, shotgun shells, and trash after shooting. We are all responsible for keeping the ranges clean.
Make sure everyone is shooting from the same position. Do not stand in front of anyone while they are firing.

You must provide your own target stands. Paper targets are available from the indoor range.

Never climb the berms.

See the posted signs for more specific information.


Any member or guest who disposes of personal trash in our dumpsters will be subject to a $200.00 fine and other such dispensary action as the Board of Directors decides. Said member shall have their membership suspended until said fine is paid.


At the request of the Board of Directors, the checklist used during New Member Orientation has been included below:



Be sure to check the recommendations of your steel target manufacturer.
Shooting steel can easily become dangerous when the target is damaged, shot too close, or the wrong ammunition is used.

A common industry distance recommendation is:

  • Minimum pistol distance: 10 yards, with max. 1500 fps lead ammo
  • Minimum rifle distance: 100 yards, max 3000 fps
  • Minimum 50 BMG distance: 400 yards (which is not possible at our club)

The following bullet types should never be shot at steel targets:

  • armor piercing
  • steel core
  • steel jacket
  • 100% copper

The use of frangible ammunition on steel targets is encouraged by your Board of Directors.

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