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QUOTE: Syndicated columnist Charley Reese (1937-2013): "Gun control by definition affects only honest people. When a politician tells you he wants to forbid you from owning a firearm or force you to get a license, he is telling you he doesn’t trust you. That’s an insult. ... Gun control is not about guns or crime. It is about an elite that fears and despises the common people."

Important right now!

Triggered- The Murderous Fast and Furious Program

Clint Smith on Gun Safety (video)

The Stigmatization of Gun Owners (Bearing Arms) We are under assault!

Florida shooting a result of 'abdication of duty': (ABC This Week, video) Dana Loesch, for the NRA, does a great job!

Is This Time Different? (Tom Gresham) We are NOT the problem!

11/6/2017 HR 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity bill has passed the US House!
NRA is currently working to enact National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity legislation that would require all states to recognize the Right-to-Carry permits issued by any  other state.
Even though this bill has now passed the House, it is not currently known when or if it will be voted on by the Senate. Write to both your US Senators NOW!

After that, the next step would be to the President.
More information is here:

As Massad Ayoob has said in the past, Concealed Carry Reciprocity is nothing more than HR-218 for everyone, including the police. 


Since the 'FixNICS' bill was combined with HR 38 in the House, it appears that it MAY be combined in the Senate as well. As stated by Tom Gresham on Gun Talk, the 'FixNICS' bill would pass by itself but HR 38 would not. Tom says that the 'FixNICS' bill is a 'nothing-burger' and only provides penalties to the government for not following existing laws.

More information on the 'FixNICS bill can be found here:

Note that the 'FixNICS' campaign was launched in 2013 by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (of which your club is a member).

Write to both your US Senators NOW!

As stated on '' in August 2017:

'Nationally known firearms expert and trainer Massad Ayoob weighed in on the matter on Sunday. He had just finished teaching a class in New Jersey, which he cryptically referred to as “operating behind enemy lines,” adding that “more than a dozen states now have followed the Vermont Model in which no permit is required to carry a loaded handgun concealed for protection in public.” But New Jersey “does not recognize carry permits from any other state.” As a result New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie has repeatedly granted relief to people such as Shaneen Allen, whose case made national headlines a few years ago. Allen crossed over from Pennsylvania into New Jersey, was subjected to a routine traffic stop that got ugly when she told the officer that she was carrying a firearm. The fact the she also had a Pennsylvania concealed carry permit didn’t matter. She was jailed and only saw the light of day after Christie intervened.'

7/20/2016 MA AG Move to Outlaw Additional Semi-automatic Firearms

Go to the GOAL web site for the latest on this issue:

Here is an interesting story:

Keep the pressure on our legislators now!

6/25/16 Part of an important message from Frank Brownell regarding Supreme Court nominations:

'As you know, we are in the midst of the campaign for the President of the United States. This is an extremely volatile time, and we are arriving at a turning point in the history – and future – of America.

While the gun issue seems to be the focus of most of the speeches, and especially in the liberal media, what is really at stake is the make-up of our Supreme Court. The next President will have to make an appointment immediately to fill the seat of Justice Scalia, who died this year. The votes by the current court, with Justice Scalia sitting, on both the Heller decision and the McDonald decision were 5 to 4. The conservative justices were the 5, the liberal justices were the 4. Now the court is 4 liberals and 4 conservatives. Here's a look at the Supreme Court makeup ranked by how liberal or conservative their votes are. Take note where the last two appointees, Sotomayor and Kagan, land on this scale.

The Supreme Court will decline to hear cases involving the gun issue until the new President appoints the new justice. What is at risk here is which kind of justice will be appointed for life. A long enough period to either reinforce or tear apart the Second Amendment.

We care deeply who makes the appointment.

A liberal President will appoint a liberal justice. And with the support of a liberal senate that justice will be confirmed. So if your personal choice of candidate did not make it and you've decided not to vote, that is a vote for a liberal, anti-gun President and a liberal, anti-gun justice. If you find the conservative candidate offensive and get pulled into voting for a third-party candidate, that is a vote for a liberal, anti-gun President. A third-party candidate simply will not win the presidency.

If you are so angry at either candidate that you stay away from the polls and don't vote – that is a vote for a liberal, anti-gun President and a liberal, anti-gun Supreme Court.

Now is the time to get over any personal issues you might have. Open your eyes. Will your position save the Second Amendment? So get over it. Get behind the pro-gun, conservative candidate to keep the court majority pro-gun. Support the Senator who supports this pro-gun, conservative candidate so the appointment of a pro-gun, conservative justice will be ratified.

Understand that your vote has an impact beyond the traditional 4 or 8 years of a President's term. It really counts more this time than at any other time in your voting life. With an anti-gun, liberal Supreme Court majority, your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and on will not have the personal protection and personal ownership of firearms all of our forefathers and all of us have enjoyed. The Second Amendment will be gutted. We have to join together and support the pro-gun, conservative candidates for the House, Senate and President. Not to do so will change the lives of all of us who cherish our firearm freedoms. It will be devastating, and if we don't vote, we've got no one to blame but ourselves.

We rarely talk politics in our messages, except when we see a real and dire threat to the Constitution of this great country. So, let's "Man Up", as they taught me in the Navy. Exercise our rights as American citizens to keep the Second Amendment alive and in place with a pro-gun, conservative justice on the Supreme Court, appointed by a pro-gun, conservative President and confirmed by a pro-gun Senate.'

6/20/16 Contact your two U.S. Senators RIGHT NOW and tell them that you oppose any new gun control laws. ! Call them at (202) 224-3121.

Democratic National Committee, Says NOBODY, "should have a gun.".

Watch the video:

Summary of President Obama’s January 2016 Gun Ban Executive Actions

[Update 1/8/2016]  Read VCDL's Analysis of President Obama's Gun Control Executive Actions.

Attempt to Issue a State Executive Order regarding the Terrorist Watch List

[Update 12/11/2015] In another attempt to fix a non-existent problem, further restrict gun rights and introduce another abuse of power, the governors of both Massachusetts and Connecticut have announced plans to implement an Executive Order to prevent those on the Terrorist Watch List from purchasing firearms.
On the surface, you might not see a problem. But take another look.
That person could be you!
Do your research (,, etc.) and then call your Governor's office and tell them that we do not need this or any other additional gun laws.
In fact, we could do without a few we have now.

Governor Baker's Office: (617) 725-4005
Governor Malloy's Office: (860) 566-4840

Massachusetts- Commonly Accessed Firearms-Related Documents

Executive Office of Public Safety and Security- Frequently Asked Questions

Executive Office of Public Safety and Security- LARGE CAPACITY WEAPONS ROSTER 02-2015


Application for Non-resident Temporary License to Carry Firearms

Connecticut 'Assault Weapons' and Magazine Registration
Update 6/20/2016 The Supreme Court has refused to hear this case.

[Update 10/21/2015] Shew vs. Malloy- unfavorable decisions from the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals

Comments on the decision:

Here is the Connecticut DESPP Official Information Web Page:

Here is the information on the possible pre-ban 'Assault Weapons' exclusion in Connecticut:
And, here is a further discussion regarding this issue:

NRA: Connecticut: Attention Gun Owners and Sportsmen - Next Round of Anti-Gun Law Provisions Take Effect on January 1, 2014

Connecticut Gun Owners Wait in Line to Do Something Many Gun Owners Hope They Never Have To   

Long Lines For Assault Gun Owners   

Outrageous Flip-Flopping by the State

In Connecticut, effective April 1, 2014 you will be required to have either a pistol permit, eligibility certificate for pistol or revolver or a eligibility certificate for long gun in order to purchase firearms and legal magazines.  Hunting licenses and 14-day waiting periods for long gun purchases will be obsolete.

Long Gun Eligibility Certificate Application Packet which includes the  DPS-164-C and DPS-799-C, can be obtained by calling the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit at 860-685-8290.

Legislature May Consider Gun Amnesty,0,3807026.story

Police: About 50,000 Assault Rifles Registered By Connecticut Gun Owners 

CT Assault Weapons/Magazine Ban Litigation Results

CCDL (Connecticut Citizen's Defense League) pursued a lawsuit against the State of CT's new gun laws.

[Update 6/20/2016] This lawsuit went all the way to the Supreme Court, who did NOT grant the petition for this case to be heard.

As a result, this law has been upheld (in CT and NY, since the two cases had been merged0.

Note that the Supreme Court is currently NOT hearing ANY gun-rights cases.

Thank you to all that donated to this effort.

Quoted from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, because we can't say it any better:
"Severely restrictive gun-control legislation has been introduced throughout the country, including in the U.S. Congress and in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota and New Jersey [and Massachusetts]. Other states are expected to follow suit. New York has already hastily passed new anti-gun laws, the severe impacts of which are only just being realized. 
Firearms owners are turning out by the thousands at state hearings, but just as important is letting your legislators know by letter or phone call that these proposed bills are unwarranted and an assault on your Second Amendment rights."

Another take on this whole debate from Tom Gresham of GunTalk, in a 2013 broadcast:
Tom says that the 'assault weapons' and 'high capacity magazines' legislation is all a smokescreen to implement 'universal background checks' which is GUN REGISTRATION. Gun registration has only one purpose and that is GUN CONFISCATION.
Gun Talk, is broadcast on the radio and available for download as a podcast from the GunTalk web site or iTunes.

We need to continue writing all of our legislators (local, state and federal) and tell them we do not need ANY new gun laws. 

Many organizations have made it very easy to contact your legislators:

National Shootng Sports Foundation

Please take a few moments and do this now. The only way we can fight this is to let our elected legislators know what is important to us. Law-abiding citizens should not be punished for the actions of sick individuals, who will not be affected by any new gun laws.

If you doubt the importance of this information, take a look at these two legislative hearings:
US Senate Hearing- January 30, 2013
CT State Gun Violence Prevention Working Group Public Hearing- January 28, 2013

Write your legislators. Communicate!

MA- Check the GOAL website for the latest.
CT- For the latest going on in Connecticut check the CCDL website.
Find your CT legislators.

Other useful firearms-related links:

NRA-ILA State Firearms Laws

USA Carry

July 2012 General Accountability Office report on 'GUN CONTROL, States' Laws and Requirements for Concealed Carry Permits Vary across the Nation'

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk

Gun Owner Unfriendly Businesses (includes national chains)

Sign up for the Shooting Sports USA digital edition, which is NRA's Competitive Shooting Journal or just view the latest edition.

NRA Family Insights

NRA Club Connection is now NRA SPORTS Magazine.

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National Shooting Sports Foundation- Newsletter Subscriptions

If anyone is interested in taking a UTAH PERMIT CLASS course, please contact Instructor John Moody, email of, (860) 729-3596.
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If you know of other clubs that offer skeet and trap, please send an email to the club Secretary. Thank you.

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Firearms Law Attorney

For all your gun license concerns:
Massachusetts Firearms Lawyer, Stephen F. Burke, 413-331-0537

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